The Music of Liberation


About the Show


The Broadway Hit Musical

Written and Directed by Dr. Mbongeni Ngema.

Music composition and arrangements by Dr Mbongeni Ngema and additional songs by the late Dr Hugh Masekela.

Through story, song and dance, follows the activities of a fictional class at Morris Isaacson High School, in Soweto – against the backdrop of the 1976 student revolts opposing Afrikaans being used as a medium of instruction.

This proudly South African musical deals with the radicalisation of a young school girl, Sarafina, who becomes embroiled in the riots and is tortured by the South African police.

She inspires her classmates with her commitment to the struggle against the apartheid government. In the musical’s explosive finale, the students present a class play about the symbolic Day of Liberation they all dream of – when their hero, Nelson Mandela, is released after decades in prison.

The powerhouse musical took Broadway by storm in January 1988 during Black History Month, culminating in a two and a half year run on Broadway in Manhattan, New York City, and a five-year tour of the USA. Concurrently, the second cast of Sarafina! premiered in 1988, and went on a four-year world tour, which included the United Kingdom, other parts of Europe, Australia, Japan, as well as various West African countries.

The play was nominated for five Tony Awards, namely: Best Musical, Best Original Score, Best Choreography, Best Actress in a Featured Role in a Musical and Best Direction of a Musical. It was later nominated for the prestigious GRAMMY Awards; and also won eleven NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People) Image Awards in Beverley Hills.

Sarafina! was later converted into a Hollywood feature film starring Whoopi Goldberg, Leleti Khumalo, Dr Mbongeni Ngema, Dr John Kani, and Dr Mirriam Makeba; with the soundtrack produced by Dr Mbongeni Ngema and Quincy Jones. This captured the imagination of the world and marked Sarafina! as a symbol of African triumph and hope across the world.

Show Running Time: 2 hours and 30 minutes with a 15-minute intermission.

Our Cast


  • Choreographed By: Carling Ray
  • Vocal Direction: Tiisetso Ngema
  • Directed By: Lucky Ngema
  • Sound Design: Katherine Gonzalez
  • Lighting Design: Jay LeDane
  • Scenic Design: Steve Huntsman
  • Musical Arrangement Adaptation: Martin Laniel
  • Assistant Musical Arrangement Adaptation: Eric Guy
  • Music Director: Ryan Durrant
  • Band Coordinator: Tiffany Fox
  • Vocal Assistant: Samantha Smith
  • Production Manager/Stage Manager: G’ané Everheart
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Sharmaine Butterfield & Marissa Brangman
  • Marketing & Advertising: SWinc. Creative
  • Associate Producers: Robyn Dowling, Chesney Robinson & Shoa Wolfe
  • Assistant Producer: G’ané Everheart
  • Executive Producer: Seldon Woolridge
  • Written By: Mbogeni Ngema
  • Music & Lyrics: Mbogeni Ngema
  • Additional Songs: Hugh Maskela
  • Musical Composition & Arrangements: Mbogeni Ngema & Hugh Maskela

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TROIKA Bermuda’s (TROIKA) mission is to educate, enlighten and entertain by producing significant theatre experiences, which are presented by a creative ensemble of young people who embody the highest professional calibre.

TROIKA members believe that art, fun and education work in tandem as these variables help to cultivate young minds and afford opportunities to young people to learn about their history, invaluable life lessons and necessary values.

For our creative pieces, TROIKA uses original and professional works that highlight the positive elements of our society. TROIKA provides training and a forum for young Bermudian artists to hone their craft. (TROIKA Players). TROIKA hopes that through the arts, our community and cultural lifestyle is enhanced by the recognition and celebration of the human spirit and its uniqueness.

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